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Expresslimo24 Chauffeur Driven Car Rental service, offers you a specific service for your:

Business solutions to have a car with driver available to celebrate an event, a yacht launch, a dinner, an evening, all day or all night. Book our mobility services for your travels, to move guest from your location, from the hotels in which they stay, to where you have organized the event. You will have our drivers at your disposal with our Luxury vehicles equipped with all on-board services, from bottle of water to refreshing handkerchiefs to italian sparkling wine, according to your instrutions and requests.

Tourism solutions for Incoming Agency, Hotel, Accomodation Structure wich needs to move your guest to a Congress, a refresher course or a Wedding service; we have the right cars for your needs. Our Hire Car service with professional driver will add value to the services you offer your guest.

Individual solutions if toy need reach a hospital from your home, a business appointment, sign a contract who want to discuss the details in the car and dont want to think about driving the car but simply want to relax or spend an evening in the with a group of friends at the restaurant and then go to the disco without having tje thought of giving up drinking too much glass. With our Expresslimo24 hire car with professional driver we facilitate your lifestyle and at the same time give you the opportunity to stand out from the others by allowing yourself luxury at an affordable cost.

For more info and prices fill out the request form specifying thr type of service, how many cars you need and for how long ,we will be happy to answer you immediately

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